About us

Celeritus Hydroponic, Its all started with idea from a small Incubator for newly born babies. If a newborn baby with sever sings of Pre-born can survive with a controlled then why plant to choose its water condition to grow up. Celeritus Engineering started before five years back when we were looking foran activity that would help to grow plants in controlled environment and we discovered Hydroponics and didn't expect to be hooked on it so fast. We are Located at the beautiful part of Ahmedabad, Gujarat-India. Not much space to spare, converted the terrace of apartment into a test hydroponic garden which turned out to be rewarding. Great Values to our life, the nature respond soquickly and beautifully and didn't know just when it became an integral part ofour daily lives.

To start up a small garden Or beginning with a hydroponic system we faced asourcing problem for variety hydroponics equipment, growing media, Nutrients, toolsand media to setup and maintain the garden. Collectively all growing & maintaining accessories is very difficult to find in local Indian market.

At Our Online Stores, we strongly believe in offering you only those products which we have use day in & day out in Hydroponic systems and are Best-in-class, when it comes to online shopping for hydroponic equipment. We want to share our Experience, knowledge, passion and love towards the new generation technologywhich connects us to nature. With The Launch of this Hydroponic Online store we want to make people aware about actual Hydroponic system, Hydroponic Equipment & accessories & its advantages to grow our green future.